About Me


POOBRITNEY began in 2008 as a news and information web to Pop legend and superstar, Britney Spears. However, I’ve changed the direction to follow what I love to do instead who I love. Dang! Travel makes me happy. But I want to be happier. Then, it makes me realized what can I do with my blog to make me happier than before? Here’s the story:

Back in 2010, when I actively travelling, it was very hard to get details and accurate information about places I dream to go. Myself, Teh Safura, learned that not many Malaysian travel on their own due to the fact – lack of information on local guides,reviews and fear.

And because of that, I let myself to experience and travel to so many places around the world. Come back and write about my adventures that helps them planning on their adventures too. I started to write to show what it’s like to travel around the world on your own and expand your horizons. Glad that so many people come along for the ride!

A lil’ bit about myself and I :

  • I’m Teh Safura Azahar, people called me Safura, Pooya or Pora.
  • From city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia *Truly Asia*
  • I love traveling around the world, not only to experience the culture but also to meet new people.
  • At the age of 28, I quit my job and travel to Europe for a month. I love it.
  • So far, I’ve visited more than 20 countries and more to come 🙂
  • I won a money-can’t-buy experience of travelling to Los Angeles and meet all Fast & Furious 7 casts in 2015. How awesome is that?
  • Budget or luxury? – Will always go for budget.
  • My travel philosophy – Travel As You Are. Why is that? Every people in this world will have their own style of travelling. Regardless they travel for life or for fun. To me, it’s up to you to explore the world in your own way. Don’t judge.

Interesting Facts About Me :

  • I love Britney Spears. It explains why this blog name is poobritney 🙂
  • I took Engineering when I was in high school, hate it until I cry a lot.
  • I dance to Bollywood songs every Wednesday.
  • When I’m 13 years old, I organized school trip to Sg. Congkak with my schoolmates. No teacher, just me as the trip leader 🙂
  • My first country I backpack with my friends was South Korea.  That was the time when I addicted to travel. It was super fun!
  • I have Claustrophobia.


Hall of Fame :

Fast 7 Selfie



IMG_0970 IMG_3892 IMG_4259

  • TV9 (Malaysia National TV) 2015 – Winner from Asia for Premiere Fast & Furious 7 in Los Angeles, USA
  • Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vOlE8t3N1U
  • Harian Metro 2013 – Article ‘Berkongsi Minat’
  • Harian Metro 2015 – Selfie with Vin Diesel for Los Angeles trip
  • Sinar Harian Online and Newspaper 2015 – Article ‘Pesona New Zealand’
  • Utusan Malaysia 2016 – Blogger Segment : Article ‘Kongsi Tempat Menarik Yang Jarang Dilawati’
  • Utusan Malaysia 2016 – dot com segment : Article ‘Melawat Bumi Flores’
  • Majalah Hijabista Februari 2017 – Jurnal percutian : Article ‘Ladakh Lengkapi Diari Liburan Teh Safura’

You know where to find me, poo.britney@gmail.com 🙂